Heptotone is a unique formulation which helps in normal functioning of the liver and better growth promotion. The scientifically proven ingredient of Heptotone possesses hepatoprotective, antihepatotoxic, growth promoter and rejuvenating activities. It also has immunomodulatory, free radical scavenging, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.


A unique formulation for healthy liver and better growth. It contains tricholine citrate, liver extract, B-complex vitamins, protein hydrolysate, amino acids and minerals which helps in

  1. Regenerate and tone up liver parenchyma resulting in better growth, improved disease resistance and better production.
  2. Improve the capacity of liver to counteract the damaging effects of toxins and drug metabolites.
  3. Prevent fatty liver syndrome and other hepatic diseases.
  4. Increasing body resistance against different viral and bacterial diseases. Better vaccination response.
  5. Better and uniform growth, maintain production and prevent fluctuation in production during stress conditions.
  6. Prevent the losses due to stress conditions.


  1. It helps in proper functioning of the liver and promote growth in birds.
  2. Prevent early chick mortality.
  3. Improvement in hatchability, lowered egg rejection and better maternal antibody transfer as well as chick quality.
  4. Increasing body resistance against different viral and bacterial diseases.
  5. Better vaccination response.
  6. Optimum feed utilization, growth and productivity.
  7. Higher maternal antibody titre.
  8. Prevent disease conditions like fatty liver haemorrhagic syndrome, Avian vibrionic hepatitis, mycotoxicity.


(Per day/ 100 birds)

Chicks: 5 ml
Growers: 10 ml
Layers/ finishers: 20 ml
(Administer by mixing in morning water for 7 days. Duration of usage may be extended in severe conditions)
Small animals: 10 ml/ day
Large animals: 15 ml/ day


Heptotone liquid : 2 Lit, 5 Lit jar & 20 Lit