Poultry Feed Supplement

A complete Solution of Gout in Poultry Birds

Extracts of Major Ingredients :--

Celery seed - Pashanbhed
Gokshur - 12,000mgTurmeric
Alfalfa - Bilberry leaf
Ginger - Sheetal Chini
Cayenne pepper - Kultha

With added other herbal ingredients for gouts remedy and fast recovery


Proven herbal extracts solution for all type of visceral & particular gouts.

Improves the water & feed intakes.

Reduces the mortality rate of birds affected by gout.

Minimizes the swelling and inflammation of birds.

Improves the kidney functions .


20 ml per 100 birds for 5 -7 days, In severe or acute condition the gout dose may be doubled & period of treatment may be increased.

or as directed by the veterinarian