Nutri C Herbal

Heat stress is a combination of high environmental temperature and humidity hindering proper thermoregulatory processes. Heat stress diminishes immunity, feed intake, weight gain, egg production, hatchability of fertile eggs, egg and carcass quality, mineral balance and increase painting and mortality and affects semen quality and fertility in male birds. Nutri – C Herbal is the best solution for all these problem which is unique combination of botanicals which act as a universal immunomodulator & antioxidant to prevent damage to cell & cell membrane from all type of oxidative stressors.

Major Ingredients:

Phyllanthus emblica
Withania somnifera
Ocimum sanctum
Terminalia chebula


Acts as immunomodulator
Prevents summer/heat stress
Scavanges free radicals
Improves FCR,weight gain and egg production
Prevents dehydration


Nutri-C Herbal Liquid ( Per day per 100 birds )
Chicks - 5ml
Growers & Broilers - 7ml
Layer & Breeders - 10ml

Nutri-C Herbal Powder:

100 gm per ton of feed or as directed by the veterinarian


Nutri-C Herbal
Liquid 1 liter, 5 liter
Powder 1 kg